Iphone x Nokia N95.

Iphone x Nokia N95.


The iphone and ipod with a mixture of cell phone behind advanced features as a multi-touch screen, there are two versions of 4 to Giga and 8 Giga as GSM.
The screen has only one button shortcut to the main menu, the screen displays a virtual keyboard walk you can enter numbers to call and enter text, in addition to the basic agenda and schedule the notebook and sms, the iphone has real time information on the stock market, weather, news etc.. It has an interesting feature of which is the voicemail instead of you access your messages they hear you can access it by reading as if they were email.
A big problem is that the iphone not shoot so he did not shoot, a phone so sophisticated that not shoot? Nobody is perfect right. Already there are programs on the Internet to make it shoot, but not recommend, because I think it is not reliable.
it has a camera, 2 mega pixel and a manager of photos daz slideshowsamplia and images end can send the photos by email.
The iphone has access to internet by wi-fi network edge or the navigation and made by a browser that adjusts the image on the screen and zoom allows for reading and is compatible with e-mail accounts pop3 or imap. Be smart as the apple vai soon bring updates to withdraw all iphones released in an irregular way of the market.
A 3.5-inch LCD screen with resolution of 320 by 480 pixels Dimensions: 6.1 wide by 11.5 high and 1cm thick Voice Recording Take photos Do not shoot, but plays videos Use headphones Sensor of proximity: when your phone rings just take the iphone ate the ear and he will answer the call automatically, and other sensors will detect the position of the screen in vertical or horizontal. Play music mp3.

Nokia N95.

It is simply a PC and machine fatografic digital portable, which besides offering functions of a cell is still of 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lenses, where you can take pictures and make high-definition videos with quality of DVD. (So as not iphone does) Wheel the operating system Symbian 60 in a 2.6-inch screen that can be used in vertical or horizontal, displaying images in 16 million colors, has a dedicated chip for 3D graphics. It offers a device slide-up of 2 directions, where you can pull a numeric keypad or the control buttons for playing music and videos, has 150 MB of internal memory, you can expand its space cards through Micro SD Card, to store music, videos and photos, with the support mp3.
It has an integrated GPS system, connection of high-speed 3G (third generation), which enables you to surf the Internet with great rapides, and downloading of music and videos, and also have support for WLAN, EDGE and WCDMA. In my opinion the nokia N95 and much higher than the iphone mainly in image quality or if they choose to choose the N95 Want to have a ........... then compare prices and search because there are more phones and the nokia motorola as good or better than the iphone.

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