How to withdraw virus, malware, spyware and rootkit the pc.

How to withdraw virus, malware, spyware and rootkit the pc.

Not recommended withdrawing virus or any other pest of the pc manually without knowing exactly where to look, so it is recommended the use of programs, here are some: Virus and malware.
The melhors anti virus freeware (free) are the AVG and AVAST It protection in real time, protects the network, traffic http, compartilhadores file as emule, protects the msn and other menssagers and daily updates Msn msncleaner use, it is proper for this type of removal.
You are infected by entering into the links that are sent by e-mail, messages on Orkut and links in messages on MSN.
He removes worms and trojans, which are widely used for theft of personal information on the Internet through emails, scraps and false windows They can cause slowdowns in the navigation of the Internet, hinder or prevent the shutdown of the PC, creates false windows on sites of banks and pages of false login.

Spybot search andd estroy is the best anti spyware freeware, protection in real time, cut Trojans (trojan horses) hijacks, and other malware threats, spyware terminator also fulfils its role well

The best is Panda Anti-Rootkit (in my opinion the most easy to move because almost all automatic) and McAfee Rootkit Detective, they do not accurately be installed. rootkits are the new threats of the Internet that are not detected by antivirus. But careful with McAfee Rootkit Detective, not everything that appears there is a rootkit has to know what delete, delete anything not in doubt and use the panda.

Use a good firewall.
Comodo Firewall Pro totally freeware (free) bar esternos of virus and hacker attacks and other PCs, a firewall and indispensable.

hijackthis the programme is a very good purchase withdraw several pests, is only running the program and mark the items you want to delete, but careful, you need certesa you are erasing the right thing, he does not learn to use it automatically.How to use hijackthis...
Update the programs before using, if difficult to remove the virus pc, reboot the pc press F8 (windows xp) and its mode of security, and escan the pc again.
these are the best freeware software to combat the threats of the net, make sure and compatible with your operating system.
Do not forget to change your passwords when any virus is detected in your pc ..

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