How to protect folders with password

How to protect folders with password?

to protect your folders and content simply install ese programme, he vai prevent that annoying brother stop moving in that should not.
My Lockbox is a program to protect folders with password.
It can generate passwords to protect your folders and documents.
The program protects your documents, which not even the administrator of your machine can view or remove their files.
He does not generate passwords for all the folders on your computer some are limited.
This program works very well. At the time of installation you should put a password and a sentence so that you ajudea save the contents. You can also choose a folder on your computer to store the files you want to protect.
Any PC user who try to find the folder vai not find anything.
For access to any content of this folder after installing the program you must run the program and enter the password, then it will open automatically. It will work like any other folder on your computer until the program is closed.
My Lockbox not allow other users to be created or that the folder or password is changed, you should choose their preferences when installing the program, choose carefully. It hides the content, increasing the privacy.
Once the program is installed simply pressing the first icon in the upper right, choose a folder to protect, go to advanced choose a password, confirm the password and then save, then going into lock to lock and unlock the folder to unlock .
Only install if you sure you want that.
Please carefully
Make a point of restoring the system before installing any program or driver.
Attention: well save your password and sentence as it was already lost, many people lost passwords of msn and orkut all the time and is not recover, write down your password in a safe place, because if you forget the password ..by by.

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how to protect folders with password

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