How do you remove or delete msn virus?

How do you remove or delete msn virus?

How to get rid of the virus in msn messenger?
So try to use programs like Spybot search and destroy or use a specific program for this called XoftSpySE, Clean MSN Virus Cleaner or Instant Messenger.

You can also use the Bankerfix removing trojans and viruses from MSN that steals passwords.

The MSN cleaner is very easy to use, no need to install just run the program and ready, it begins to scan the files for viruses of msn and corrects automatically host the files, which are usually attacked and modified to generate many connection errors in msn .
Anyone can do this, the program is very simple and effective.

Also use the Clean Virus MSN is he able to remove msn virus that remain active even after formatting the PC or are still in the memory of the PC.

If you have pictures of viruses then try the MSN Photo Virus Remover it is very efficient to remove these viruses.

Use the Instant Messenger Cleaner also it eliminates suspicious processes running, and clean files, folders, registers, cache and Recycle Bin is a great option to remove super virus from MSN, but use with caution.
To use Instant Messenger Cleaner, you need to close MSN, then simply run the file and go to Start.
After you have finished scanning the PC to remove virus from MSN, restart your computer.

The important thing is not to click on anything sent by friends, especially files with a. EXE, this extension is an executable that normally do installations of programs good or bad.
You can also use the hijackthis program where none other of course, to learn how to use HijackThis read this article (brazilian blog with tranlator) ..
These programs are the most used for virus removal orkut and msn.
The ideal is to use these programs in safe mode (less oSpybot Search and Destroy):
Restart the pc keep hitting F8 until a screen appears with letters and enter the safe mode.
(Windows XP).
If the programs above conssigam not solve your problem, read this article that teaches how to remove viruses from your PC.