How to make money sharing files uploading.

How to make money sharing files uploading.

It came a long a company that pays you when someone downloads your files.
Register for ziddu and depositfiles.

Pro= can put files 10 Kibyts the 200MEG, great for making money with small files.
No = does not accept large files with more than 200 Mega.

Pros = can put files 1Mega to 2 Giga, great for making money with large files, the larger the file the more profit.
No = not accept small files less than 1 Mega, do not count as a download.

Use both to increase their profits.
It is very similar to the rapidshare only better because it does not need premium account.
All you need do is enter the Ziddu.com, just sign up with an email and make your password then you can now upload your files, pictures and videos and put those linhks on your site or blog.

If you want to learn how to make a free web site read this article.
You earn 1 dollar for every 1000 downloads to make your files, it is not poco mas.
It's quick and easy to win, join now and win money download your files.

If you want you can also use Deposit Files.
With it you get $ 5 for every 1,000 downloads, but depends on the size of the file, the bigger the file the more you earn, and at the time of registration you get $ 5 just for having signed up (happens after a time, or after you upload your first file).
File size / price you'll earn for every 1000 downloads
1Mb to 4Mb / $ 2
5Mb of the 9Mb / $ 3
10Mb to 49Mb / $ 5
50Mb to 99Mb / $ 6
100Mb of the 249mb / $ 8
250MB to 2000MB / $ 10

You can withdraw your money after completing $ 10 it is easy and fast.

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Co.cc its a scam.

the site Co.cc say he its giving free domains're lying.
they charge of 3 at $ 9 to renew the domain, this is not for free.
they have a referral program they do not pay.
I attended the Pragram them i won only $ 1.
after they cancele all other payments or claiming thay say I was cheateing.
they will do the same with you.
do not participate or use this site Co.cc
they are scams