How do to speed up downloads

How do to speed up downloads?

To accelerate the downloads you have two great options, two programs: The Orbit Downloader it has been easy in Internet Explorer browser and Mozilla Firefox extension through FlashGot, allowing you to download automatically downloads of different protocols.
The best part is that it is a download manager completely free.
The second is the Download Accelerator Plus, the manufacturer SpeedBit, ensures that it increases the speed and a lot of connection, and also manages downloads. He integrates the browser Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera and Mozilla Firefox.
I believe that this time in winning not touched. Everything has two sides, but these programs increase the downloads and manage them well and may resume the downloads even after restarting the PC. But after some disadvantages, read the feedback from the users before installing them.
These programs can only be installed if the residents of anti spyware protections are disabled because they change the browser and they can confuse these programs with programs adware or spyware but are not. The programs are freeware (free). Make a point of restoring the system before installing any software or driver.

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