How to use the hijackthis

How to use the hijackthis?

Many people find that the hijackthis do everything alone, but does not. It takes some experiancia to use it, so I will only mention the most simple to use.
Download the hijackthis put it in a folder then install.
Then you simply choose " system scan and save a logfile" he vai scan the PC and make a record in log. If you can not remove the virus, restart the PC in safe mode between pressing F8 (wnidows xp) and escanei try and remove the virus.
Caution: do not delete all the things that appear in the search, because most women are not virus .... to know what erase read below, then select and press fix checked .. Create a system restore point, before making any change.

But what to do with that log?
Many people do not know what to do with it then I will say! Simply copy it and put in the area of the site http://hijackthis.de/ then squeeze in analyze. Ready, the site vai analyze your log and vai mark potential viruses with an X.
Then just check the programme which vai be deleted, and delete. he has a very large amount of resources, but I will speak only disagreement is partly because the more easy and more used.

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