How to check RAM memory

How to check RAM memory?

How to know if the memory were working or is this error?
How to know if the memory RAM has errors in the modules of memory?
How to test the memory ram with memtest86 Version 3.4?
If your pc restarts constatimente?
may be warming up to the processors with memory problems have to take certesa that is not ram memory do the following: Download the iso in the programme memtest86 serious cd (may be regravavel) put in the driver CD of your PC and restart it.
Let the program test your memory for a few hours to appear error replace the memory. If you do not see any error, remove and clean the cooler processor.
When I changed my by another ram my pc reboot from time to time, especially after using the photoshop cs2, I reinstall enough to solve the photoshop and ready to restart the problem stopped.
Tips: Check whether the contacts of the memories are clean, and if they are firmly, make sure you have the memoirs of same model and manufacturer.
Check if the source of the pc has no problems.
open your PC and clean the cooler processor.
Check what type of memory you have is using the cpu-z, the program does not need to install. Check if the if the drivers are digitally signed this is ensuring that they are compatible with the xp. if you want more details on these tips read this article.

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