How do I join several CDs or put in a DVD

How do I join several CDs or put in a DVD?

Place and add several CDs in a single DVD.
Note: This tutorial is designed to help only those who has several CDs of the original game from PC to put them on 1 DVD, the use of this tutorial is the entire responsibility for its readers. Do not put this tutorial on none forum or change their content, say where you saw my putting linhk. Copies will be treated as undue plagio.
Make an iso of your original game using ultraiso or other software-editing isos of its preferencia.Can be several CDs. EX: cd1, cd2, cd3, cd4 ...... put the iso files in a folder in the folder after change label with the name of the cd 1 .
You find the label name opening the iso with ultraiso (do not use the winrar to descobrie the label name because it is not possible).
Another way to discover the label name is the only place cd1 within the reader of CD or DVD and click on "my computer" vai you see the name of the label CD in the drive.
Then extract the files of isos of the CDs (with or ultraiso winrar) inside the folder.
First cd1 of the iso, then cd2, cd3, cd4, and so on, when you unpack the iso cd2 in the same folder of the program say that there are files and give you options, choose not to everyone, do the even if that happens.
After tranform his portfolio with the name of cd1 (LABEL NAME) in an iso (with ultraiso is just click with the right-hand mouse hand and choose to add "the name of folder.iso") and ready, is the only record in iso a DVD with nero or another program for recording images iso.
Tip: Use a DVD recordable to test and make the installation .make money doing this to your friends.
The ultraiso is a paid program, to use 100% of their resources you have purchase.
If you prefer a good program freeweare (free) try to seek, i not always found .Use original software.

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