how make the pc faster

leave the pc faster?

leaving the pc more quickly.
The simplest way to leave the pc faster and use a good program optimization as the Advanced WindowsCare (use it with caution) it clears the record of windows making the pc take less time to access the files, both at startup as the shutdown and general use.
Another possibility is to increase the RAM memory, each updating software they conssomen an increasing amount of memory, so the 512 is recommended to have at a minimum, but the ideal is above 2 gig of ram mainly for those who have windows vista .
Be careful not to remove all programs that start with the PC, choose to remove loved .... you can also delete temporary files of the pc. just go up to start / all programs / accessories / system utilities and cleaning the disc.
Compacte not only the files or delete files on the installation of office.
Make a point of restoring the system before installing any software or driver.

Desfragment disk.
you can defragment your HD to leave it faster to access their files. you may go to start / all programs / accessories / tools of the system and choose desfragmentadoe disc, when a window send defragment. the oldest files can be compressed and staying with blue letters but is not worrying, this happens to give more space in HD.

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