How do to solve problems of rebooting and crashes

How do to solve problems of rebooting and crashes?

If your pc restarting this all the time, or the locking of nothing, it could find the answer here. But the problem does not solve alone vai if we need Botar mass in the hand. If you can not open a PC or afraid to do this, vai Tuesday that by the hand in your pocket and pay someone to do. Check if the source of the pc has no trouble providing enough energy to the pc, sources with defects always cause problems for shutdown and restart.
this happens when you put a plate which consumes much energy, the source ai aguenta not provide the energy and the pc just shutting down.
The components of the source may also be burning, try to switch source with someone and see if it presents problems. Problems of super heating of the processors are the most common causes of disconnections and crashes, open your PC and clean the cooler processor, with dirty it can cause super heating and by consequence constantimente crashes and restart the PC. follow the instructions in the manual of the motherboard of your PC to disassemble the cooler, be careful not to remove the folder heat. Memory ram with modules that are defective , and memory are dirty or poorly seated causes of crashes and restart, make sure the contacts of the memories are clean, and if they are firmly. make sure you have the memory of same model and manufacturer.
Check what type of memory you have is using the cpu-z, the program does not need to install. Learn to test your memory ram here Drivers not signed also lead to conflicts, whether if the drivers are digitally signed this is ensuring that they are compatible with the xp. update them. another thing that causes crashes and disconnections are viruses and spyware, get rid of them learn to read this article Problems in the registry of windows also lead to crashes, it happens that the windows with the record is full of invalid entries (files that no longer exist in the pc), but be wary of programmes of cleaning of registration, they can also cause a serious flaw pc in which to resolve only after formatting. the programs most commonly used for cleaning of registration are MV regclean, and advanced windowscare the last option and the restoration of system, but only for cases of the problem was caused by installation of drivers or programs.
going on:
start / all programmes / acessories / System Tools and click restoration of system, then choose a date before the emergence of the problem.
So use a catering system if the problem is software or drivers. Virus and spyware leave the pc slow and unstable, use antivirus updated to tackle, read "withdraw as the PC virus and spyware" if nothing der some fear or have to do something, try to seek a technician honest to try to solve their problem.

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