How do to solve the most common errors of msn windows live messenger

How do to solve the most common errors of msn windows live messenger?

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Solving problems of connectivity If you have trouble entering the Windows Live Messenger, try some of the following techniques to solve these problems: Check your connection settings of the Messenger: Messenger may be interfering with the connection or the Windows Live ID. NET Messenger Service.
On the Tools menu, go on Connection, click Advanced Settings.
The Minimum requirements to install the 8.5 msn: 233MHz CPU, 128MB of RAM, 15MB of disk space, the minimum screen resolution of 800 by 600 pixels, SP1 installed Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher.
To start this microsoft preventing the entry of former msn, or in practice who do not upgrade your msn to version 8.5 had been inpedido to connect, then update its logo.
Many pesoas has had trouble using the windows live installer which is used to install the software in the windows live, to install the msn you have to be online, if you can not use then use the offline installer of wlm 8.5 cn found in http://mess.be/
Some Trojans or malware can change the host file.
You can also try: open your msn without connecting you to enter as / options / connection and to begin troubleshooting
Error 81000395: You can not enter Windows Live Messenger In the Settings dialog box, click Test in the section HTTP Proxy.
When the test results appear in the dialog Tester Connection, OK. OK and OK again. Use the test results to determine what settings are causing the problem of connection.
Check your Internet connection settings: Visit another site to confirm that you are connected to the Internet. If the site does not open, contact her for assistance to connect to the Internet. If you have previously been connected through a network dial-up, check your settings of your Internet connection.
Check the settings on your firewall: If the firewall is set to block the Messenger, you can not enter the Messenger. errors are iso passengers by the maximum you can do is wait for microsoft own resolve. the solution of problems of msn can be seen at the site's help msn look there if you do not find their error here. virus and spyware can cause problems.to resolve it read this article.

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