How to solve the most common errors of msn Windows live messenger?

How to solve the most common errors of msn Windows live messenger?

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Troubleshoot connectivity
If you have problems when entering the Windows Live Messenger, try some of the following techniques to solve these problems:
Check your connection settings in Messenger:
Messenger may be preventing a connection to Windows Live ID or. NET Messenger Service.
On the Tools menu, click Options in Connection, click Advanced Settings.

The minimum requirements to install msn: 233MHz CPU, 128MB of RAM, 15MB disk space, minimum screen resolution of 800 by 600 pixels, Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 or higher installed.

Offline installer:
Microsoft to start preventing the entry of the old msn, or in the practice who do not upgrade your msn to version 2009 had been unable to connect and will display the error 80004005, then update its logo.
Many people have had trouble using the Windows Live installer that is used to install Windows Live programs, to install the msn you must be online, if you can not use then use the offline installer Windows Live Messenger
I decided to take the blog link to download Windows Live Messenger 8.5 final because it is prevented from entering their servers in brave and you can not enter into your MSN account with WLM 8.5 or earlier versions.

Download Now Windows Live Messenger
2010 version 15.2.2583.119 Beta .
He has just been launched and is spectacular, if you are having problems with version 2009 or 8.5 to download and install right now, but read carefully how to install.
Offline installer with about 127MB (the original file from Microsoft + patch).

Just woks on windows vista end 7.

How to remove virus from MSN (read)

Use the newest version of messenger, Windows Live Messenger 2009 Build 14.0.8064.0206.
The installer is about 130MB and is offline, the internet does not need to do the installation, and has all the programs, but you can choose what to install.
The offline installer is the most recommended, as the online installer that needs internet to install long to install and has caused the most errors in msn.
To download from the Microsoft Web site from this link (official link of Microsoft), then go into fall, when a window appears cancel the download because it is online, to download the offline installer going to try again that is the right side of the screen.
Remember that the installer is 130Mb offline and online has 2Mb installer.

Caution: Uninstall any version before installing a new one.
If you have trouble uninstalling Windows Live Messenger 2009 read this article.

Error: You can not access your e-mail box for the MSN button.
Usually this error is Microsoft's own and not his msn, and may take several days for resolve, trying to go.
If you want to try deleting the temporary files from your browser, so read this article.
But you can still access your email through the website windows live hotmail.

You have reached the daily limit for the creation of Windows Live IDs. Wait a day and try to register again or contact support for assistance.
Error code: 450: 0x800482d4
To resolve this error please read this article.

If the errors 84cb0004, 84cb000a or 81000451 you can not log into Windows Live Messenger 2009 read this article.

Error 0x8104000b
This error occurs during installation of MSN, this happens when there is interference in the facility to resolve this try the following:
1. Use an offline installer, usually resolves.
2. See if your firewall is blocking the connection to the installer.

If you can not install Windows Live Messenger 8.5 again after you have uninstalled the msn 2009, try to clean the registry of windows then try installing again using an offline installer to learn how to read this article.
You can also try using an offline installer.
You need the Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 to install msn, you find that link.

Error 80EE0088 or 80EF01F8: The problem is with Microsoft's servers Wait until the problem is resolved.

Error 81000377 or 81000378: This time is your list of contacts that is not available by the MSN servers, just try again in a few hours.

Error 0x8000ffff
This fatal error occurs during installation or the connection attempt.
To resolve this, use an offline installer.

If you formatted your PC and receive a message saying that the messenger can be installed on Windows XP or Vista from the Windows update site and update your PC, or go to start / all programs / Windows update and upgrade your PC or wait automáticas.Use updates for Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 to install msn.

Some trojans or malware can modify the host file.
viruses and spyware can also cause problems to solve if it read this article.
If you receive a menssagen saying that you entered into a remote PC can someone have stolen your password, change it as soon as possible by reading this article is highly recommended to change the password to msn each week to prevent password theft and invasion of privacy especially if you used an untrusted PC.

You can also try:
open your msn not connect you to come as / options / connection and start solving problems
Verify that Internet Explorer is online:
Open Internet Explorer go to File and uncheck the option work offline.

Correction of the errors below with a program!

Error 81000314
Error 800b0001
Error 81000370
Error 80040111
Error 800401f3
Error 80048820
Error 80048883
Error 80072ee6
Error 80072efd
Error when you can not send and receive sounds in Messenger Plus.
Error, you can not add new contacts.
All these above errors can be corrected using a program called MSN Repair, download and install it to fix errors, but the program does not do miracles.

To resolve the errors:
Use the program MSN E-fix it resolveesser errors but can not help in more complicated cases.

Error 81000395 : Check your login and password, you are entering one of the two wrong.

Error 81000303 : This error happens when you try to access the MSN Live ID with an invalid. Wait a few hours and try again from the site of Windows Live ID and check if your account is working, and try again.

Menssagen error:
Windows Live Communications Platform has encountered a problem and needs to close.
This message appears after a while after opening its messeneger, try uninstalling your MSN (to make it easily read this article), clean the registry of your PC (to do this read this article), then reinstall the MSN with an offline installer .
If the error still follow the steps of error 8007007e, 8007007, below.

8007007 error or error 8007007e :
To resolve this error you must remove the items:
Windows Live Messenger.
Windows Live Call.
Windows Live Communication Platforms.
For that use the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility to find these 3 items and remove them from the pc, then reinstall the MSN with a isntalador offline.
Read more about it here.
Make a restore point before the sitema do this, read this article.

Error 81000301 : Problems with Proxy or cache DNS.Limpe the cache.
Go to Start / Run and type in ipconfig / flushdns and OK, then log in MSN again.

Error 80072f0d : Problems with SSL cache, quit and go to start Messenger / Control Panel. Enter Network and Internet, then click Clear SSL State and OK, then log in MSN again.

Error 80191002 :
Uninstall and reinstall MSN using an offline installer.

Error 81000395 : You can not enter the Windows Live Messenger
In the Settings dialog box, click Test in the HTTP Proxy section. When the test results appear in the dialog Tester Connection of OK.
of OK and OK again.
Use the test results to determine which settings are causing the connection.

Check your Internet connection settings:
Visit another site to confirm that you are connected to the Internet. If the site does not open, contact her for assistance to connect to the Internet. If you were previously connected by a network dial-up, check your settings to connect to the Internet.
Check the settings of your firewall: If the firewall is set to block Messenger, you can not enter the Messenger.

Check the clock and date are correct on your pc.

Error 80072efd :
this error can be caused by firewall or even a virus or spyware that may be blocking the connection to msn, can also be problems with the msn servers.
Try to update the date and time of your PC, go with the mause on the clock with the right side of mause open a window and go to adjust date and time.

Remove the proxy settings in Messenger:
Start Messenger.No Tools menu, click Options.
In Connection, click the Advanced Settings, delete the entries in SOCKS in OK and OK again.
Check the security settings of Internet Explorer:
Start Internet Explorer.No the Tools menu, click Options, Advanced tab Internet.vá the Security section check that the box Verify revocation of the license server is desmarcada.Na Security section, check the boxes Use SSL 2.0 and Use SSL 3.0 are marcadas.Clique OK.
To talk to several people at the same time read this article in msn.

Error 81000344 : Problems with Proxy to solve Open MSN, go in and enter / Options and the Connection tab, click the Advanced Settings and delete all text boxes HTTP, User Name and Password leave it blank for everything ok between MSN and its close again.

Error 81000362 or 80048869 : Your Internet Explorer browser to run in offline mode. Close Windows Live Messenger open Internet Explorer then go to file and check the Work Offline option is enabled, it is clear to him that work online, then enter the MSN.

Register again the security of SSL libraries:
On the taskbar, go to Start / Run and type each of the following commands separately and then press ENTER.
After each command is executed successfully, you receive a message 'DllRegisterServer successfully. "
Wait until you receive this message before continuing with the next command.
REGSVR32 softpub.dll
REGSVR32 wintrust.dll
REGSVR32 initpki.dll

Error 81000306 :
clear the DNS resolver cache (Windows XP)
On the taskbar, go to Start / Run.
Type cmd and OK.
At the command prompt, type ipconfig / flushdns and then press ENTER.

To join or grouping varies windows msn laws that article.

Error 80072ee6 : Register the DLL msxml3.dll.
Go to Start / Run and type% windir% \ system32 \ regsvr32% windir% \ system32 \ msxml3.dll will give OK and reboot the PC into the MSN.

Error 80071392 :
Make sure there is already an open msn on your PC with your loin and password.

Error 81000314 :
This error is usually the MSN servers and impossible to connect, check if you have connection to the internet, if you go trying to enter or wait a few hours and try again, we need only wait.
Your list of contacts is available:
When trying to enter the Windows Live Messenger, you receive the 81000314 error message stating that your list of contacts is not available. This can occur if the Windows Live Messenger service is experiencing technical difficulties, just wait.

Error 80072745 :
You can be connected to the Internet through a router, it can be mixed to connect to the servers, open the gates of the access router for release.

8100030d error :
Do the following:
Change the settings in Microsoft Windows Explorer Windows XP
Go into my computer and ferrametas open the folder options.
select Show hidden files and folders in hidden files and folders.
Uncheck the Hide extensions for known file types.
From OK to close the Folder Options window.
then delete the cache folder in your contacts, to do this read this article

Error 8e5e0408 :
To resolve this you must delete the settings for MSN in the Windows registry, make a call to restore the system before doing so, to read here as a.
After you go to a restore point to start / run and type regedit, this is the editor of the Windows registry.
Now look for the words:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ MSNMessenger
now delete the folder called MSN messenger.
and try to open your msn again.

Error 80048820 :
Go to start / run and type regsvr32 softpub.dll then hit enter to perform the registration of the DLL.
Then check that the windows clock on your PC is the time to correct date and year.
Remove Invalid proxy:
Open your Internet Explorer go to Tools and Internet Options tab go to the Connections tab
Go on LAN Settings and uncheck the Use a proxy server for your LAN (these settings do not apply to dial-up connections or VPN) from OK and OK
Warning: If your connection is Dial-Up Connections tab go into settings and uncheck the Use a proxy server for this connection (these settings are not applied to other connections)
Caution: this may change to your Internet connection depending on how it is set if it a problem and break it again as it was before.

Contact list disappeared.
This error is usually the MSN servers, just wait and try connecting later.
If long list and does not use the following methods.
Try to import their contacts from hotmail.
(most recommended) Try to delete the list of contacts from your PC, it can be corrupted, to know to delete the list of contacts from your pc read this article.
Try to come and go several times to return to normal.
Between the messenger through the web messenger and see if your list is there, so read this article.

Msn blocked in the company.
This is because many people just abusing the free time and the companies end up blocking access to msn and orkut, how to fix this please read this article.

Error message:
The following message could not be delivered to all recipients.
the following message can not be delivered to the recipient.
This message and msn's servers, they are responssaveis why.
has no way to solve that has send the message again later.

If you want to record conversation in MSN read this article.
If you record a conversation from the webcam video read this article.
To put masks and change the appearance of MSN read this article.
To open 2 MSN at the same time read this article.
Some errors are passengers so the maximum you can do is wait for microsoft own resolve.
To enable the feature "What I'm listening to" read this article from MSN.
To try to recover lost passwords read this article.

Errors unanswered:
The solution of problems of msn can be seen on the website of the official msn seek help there if you do not see your error here.
If you do not find your error here probably will not find the answer rather none, even in official aid windows live.Por example the error 8001012e.
To resolve these errors is only possible by contacting the suprte MSN through a form (official Microsoft) to do this look here.
On the side of the blog you will find more about MSN.

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