Connecting the Xbox 360 to pc.

Connecting the Xbox 360 to pc.

Conecrtar for the xbox 360 to pc we must have Windows Media Player 11 a hub and a pc with internet.
This is possible.
First connect the cables of the xbox to the hub of the hub to the PC, open WMP 11 then go to tools / options / library / configure sharing.
Then select OK and share media.
another window will appear select the xbox and then allow, for everything ok and close.
Now go in the xbox and test the connection.
if you do wrong will not go right, and only works with modem routed.

How to change the hotmail.

To change the hotmail is very easy.
Simply enter your hotmail then go into more / account.
In related links go to options windows live.
Go on display in a language, select your language and save.
You can also go to options and choose the language (Portuguese-Brazil) and select what you want.
ready now you have your windows live hotmail in the language you chose.

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