Processor Intel Core2 Extreme quad-core

Processor Intel Core2 Extreme quad-core.

The new processor Intel Core2 Extreme quad-core is certainly one of, if not the best processor on the market today, He has four processing cores. 6 MB of shared L2 cache and barring front of 800 MHz the processor Intel Core2 Extreme is all that many games in a dream to own pc games and modern applications of multimedia multi-thread it comes with a new version of the technology performance of 45 nm, which uses circuit with infusion. has the best performance and efficiency in use of energy. The processor Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 of 3.0 GHz is perfect for everyone. Unfortunately the price is not for anyone, but it is worth add a dollar to take an in your pc. If he is aconpanhado with a good video card as a GeForce 9600 GTC His experience with games vai be perfect, do not forget that if you are using windows vista vai need much RAM memory.

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